Tuesday, April 3, 2012

That's More Like It

Well I was all upset that there was snow all over the ground Sunday and yesterday...but today, it's completely like spring and I'm loving it. It's a little chilly outside, but not a cloud in the sky!!!

I'm house-sitting/pet-watching, at my dad's house while they are in St. George, and I absolutely love this house. I went outside to take some pictures.
My cute Beagle Sport
I love staying here; it's almost like I'm on vacation or something! Plus, they have an elliptical, and I love the elliptical! Oh and a hot tub, pool table, and basketball court. Quite the place to be if I might add!

I know I talk about the weather a lot, but I really do love spring, and spring fashion! Loving the different colored pants right now! The other day I bought some peach ones, darker pink, and cream! Loving them! I still want coral, yellow and mint though. Look how cute they are! Do you own a pair? It can be hard when you're short like me though...they are either too tight, or too long. Finding the perfect pair is difficult. But my peach ones fit amazingly. Probably because they were so pricy ;)
These look like the ones I have
Definitely am going to have to shop more for spring clothes...mine are really outdated, and I have more summer than spring...oh well! I like shopping a lot more these days.

So yesterday my interview went amazingly well, and when I say amazingly well, I mean it gave me direction again. Ever since I graduated, I felt lost. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't teach because I didn't have my teaching license, but I'm not good at tests (Praxis). Besides that, I'm such a creative person and love hands-on approach for early elementary education. I don't like the standard students sitting in their desks, doing packets. That's not what I believe in. I think efficient learning, takes places when they can look at the world through play. It's just the methods I love. Well interviewing with this Montessori, made me realize that that's where I belong, there, or a private school. Private school, such as Rowland Hall, use a lot of the techniques as Montessori Schools do. They love hands-on activities. So, I'll definitely be working at a Montessori or private. The girl I was interviewing with told me I should really get a Montessori Training Certificate. Just like a teaching license, but for Montessoris. I was worried about testing and all that again, but she told me Westminster college has a great program they're just starting this summer, and it's an 8 week process. Best thing ever? No tests! I looked, believe me. The program looks amazing, and I would only be 4 credits away from my Master's Degree in Education. I knew I wanted to go to Grad school, but I kept putting it off. This is definitely the route I want to go. It opens up so many more possibilities, plus it aligns with what and how I want to teach. I could become a full-time teacher AND be getting my Master's Degree. Eventually, I think I would like to obtain my teaching license, but until then, I'd be doing what I love to do...and that makes everything worthwhile in my opinion. 

Anyways, just wanted to share that. I was on Cloud 9 yesterday and am still up there!! Loving this beautiful day :) And, my mom and I are going to see The Hunger Games because she just finished it. AND, I'm going to hangout with my boy tonight, dinner! I think I'm going to write a lot as well. Would love to get further in my Children's Novel!

OH, speaking of a great day, did you know what today is??

Ben and Jerry's Ice-cream!

How in the world did I never know this day existed? I love ice-cream!! Mmmm.

Have a great day my friends!! SMILE!!


  1. your dad's house is gorgeous!
    and i sort of had the opposite in terms of weather.
    yesterday, it was beautiful and sunny and now its raining record amounts.

    love all the pastels too!
    xx jes

  2. Your dad's house really is GORGEOUS! I love the hammock in the yard! Someday I will have a hammock in my backyard! I love reading in hammocks on beautiful days! And I'm loving the colored pants trend. I just need to get myself some more colored pants!!