Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Totally Tuesday

Another Tuesday is here to say hello...and let me tell you, it's a HOT one here in SLC Utah today! It's so amusing to me how "bi-polar" the weather in this state truly is. One day you have snow, then spring weather, now summer weather, in a few days were back down to the 60's with rain everyday. Hmmm..peculiar.

Oh well.

I haven't written since last week! YIKES. Sorry! Somedays, or better yet, some weeks are busier than others. Last week was one of them. Actually this week is becoming busy as well. Applying for Grad School at Westminster has definitely become a process. But I'm well on my way :) Just trying to hurry so I get a spot! Ahhh (stressful).
Instagram picture of the "Applying Process" 
And while I'm on it, here is the daily dose of Instagram pictures:
Tulips :) The rain paid off!!
Last weekend was a really good one! I unfortunately didn't get to the Bees baseball game, but this weekend I'm going on a double date, so that'll be great! But Saturday made up for it! It was the best day I've had in a long, long time. Will and I went to Ruth's Diner up in the canyons and saw two of our friends up there...so we sat with them and had a great brunch. Then we decided to go on a hike up Mill Creek Canyon with Will's two adorable dogs! So much fun and such great weather. Then we went and got fro-yo at Menchies (delicious). This instagram sums that up:
 Here are the real mobile pictures I took:
My bf is a dork :)
After that we both went home for a bit, and then I got ready and went to Chilis with my girl Jenna! We got some margaritas, chips & queso, and talked forever. It was such a great time and I've really missed our one-on-one friend time! Sometimes we get so busy in our everyday lives, that we forget about people..that's not okay. So I'm working on that! Then we went to celebrate our friend Christian's birthday, and then Jenna and I went to the Pie Pizzeria at 2 am for some cheesy pull-aparts (I wasn't exactly healthy this Saturday). 

Sunday was fun too though, went to Titanic finally with my girls! Soooo long, but so good. Have to admit, I was hoping that there would be a different ending. They should've done this:
Just sayin'
I was scared though this weekend; my cat Lucky who is 15 years old, wasn't acting okay. He wouldn't move really, wouldn't eat, and wouldn't drink water. It was Sunday so the vet was closed, and we thought he ate something outside that didn't agree with him. But after 3 days, he still wasn't acting okay. Today luckily he is, not 100%, but better. I have to remind myself he's getting really old...but it still scares me. I don't want to lose him. Especially this week. This Thursday will be one year that my step-father Greg passed away. It's going to be a really hard day, and that would make it even harder. But death is something we need to accept. I'm still learning though. 

Anyways, I laid outside to write a Grad Essay, and I apparently got fried. Lovely. That's what happens when you look like a ghost and sit outside for a long time, without sunscreen. CRAP. The sun is definitely a lot stronger than it used to be. Won't be making that mistake again. But I'm excited to go to Blue Lemon with Will tonight, watch what's left of the Jazz game, and then watch We Bought A Zoo - which I've been dying to see!

Hopefully your Tuesday is going splendidly. 


  1. hey jess. thanks for stopping by the blog. if you make the cookies you will never stop. amazing! utah has been so hot. i LOVE it!!

  2. So glad you commented on my blog! I think we're the same person. I'm also an aspiring author, just trying to get published some day, and I just got into grad school to get my MFA in creative writing!
    Pumped to keep reading about your writing journey...and the rest of your life :)

  3. Thanks for commenting at my blog today :)

    Love yours...and I especially love the Titanic illustration. Yes, they could have definitely fit, both survived, and lived happily ever after! So sad.

  4. Your bf is so funny! And I am so sorry about your kitty, aging animals breaks my heart