Friday, May 4, 2012

May Has Arrived

Yay, it's May, and I haven't posted yet! May is my favorite month, and I'm not being bias because my birthday is in a week...nope, not at all. I love May because it really is what spring is all about in my opinion.

The May flowers are really blooming, my creek just started a few days ago, the weather is warm and sunny, spring fashion is looking so bright and cute, people are graduating, 25th birthday is in a week. OK OK.

I thought I would just catch up, by putting instagram pictures up!!
My creek started! It's my little "Secret Garden" place :) And Lucky was investigating. 
Beautiful sunset!!
I made these Funfetti Blondie Bites and they were absolutely delicious. They were also fun to make, I needed my mom's assistance though once I started dipping them in chocolate.
Here is the link to this wonderful recipe by Cookin' Cowgirl
It was my favorite twin's birthday (ergo why I made those sweets), and we went to their house to celebrate/BBQ. My boy was hugging cute Gracie (my favorite dog - Golden Retriever). I asked my mom for a dog for my birthday...she said she'll get me clothes. :( Boo. Someday. 
Went to a Bees game for a double date! So much fun. Nice night. And boy oh boy do I love the hot dogs and pretzels. 
Addicted. Daily. 
Last night I went to Sunset Boulevard Cafe (best grilled cheeses in town) and Top It Froyo. Yes, I'm now obsessed with fro-yo, I can't stop eating it! Probably because of ALL the toppings!! 
 That's mainly what's going on right now! Everyone is seriously graduating, half of my friends! So crazy. I remember a year ago today when I graduated:
My Pi Phi PC 07'
Mike & Me with our mommies. RIP Nancy :(
So much changes in a year. I cannot believe it. It's been a rough year in the real world, especially with finding a job. It's been a year, and I feel like I didn't accomplish much in that department. But hopefully if I get into Grad School and get my Montessori Teaching Certificate, things will change for the better. 

Until then, I'm going to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with good friends, celebrate the new graduates' success, hang out with my older bro who comes into town today, see Avengers, baking more cookies and sweets, help my step-mom with her big sale tomorrow, Zumba, and just have fun!!

THEN, it's getting ready for my birthday week. And this is the BIG 25!! Halfway there haha. Ahh! Feel old. But I'm proud of my journey so far. So yes, I'll be posting a lot about the shenanigans and adventures I'll be up to next week. Really excited though. 

Everyone have a wonderful weekend, and see We Bought A Zoo if you haven't. LOVED that movie!! Made me cry. xo. 


  1. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! i def know how life after graduating is! it def is not as easy as you would think it is! New Follower via email :-)

  2. Happy birthday week! Big plans, I bet? So neat to look back on when you graduated. And those cake bites look so tasty!


  3. I LOVE May too! Mostly for the blooming flowers, actually, for the fact that I can PLANT them and then they bloom :). Happy Birthday soon!

    xoxo, Amy