Wednesday, May 16, 2012



Well I finally got him. It was the last of my birthday gifts (yes, I'm a lucky girl). I got my kitty! The one I've wanted forever. I'be been waiting for the right one, the right place, etc. And finally got him. I originally wanted a little girl, but when I saw his face...well I fell in love. Just look at him. 

Meet Oliver - my 8 week year old baby!!
Look at that face. 
This instagram kinda summed it up:
He and my older cat Lucky had a "moment" and no, not a good one; some growling and hissing, but I'm going to work on it!! Separation is key for now though. And yup, it was love at first sight. He makes me so happy. And I realized I made a wish list of everything I wanted...having Oliver, aka Ollie, made that list complete. I'm so grateful for what I have, and being positive and showing love, and having faith really makes a difference. I've actually gotten more into writing again. I was working so hard to get into Grad School, that I stopped for a while. I cannot wait to be "inspired." Writing everyday really helps and I have a great idea for a novel, one is improving one I've been working a year on! Crazy how it comes to you.
Also, I'm so happy to say that it's mine and Will's 5 month anniversary today. We've been dating for 6 almost 7 months, but officially it's been 5. We are going to a really old pizza place that was opened in the 70's that super popular and funny enough, my dad worked there. It's called Gepetto's! They always have tons of pictures, singers, etc. Then we are getting fro-yo, then of course off to play with Ollie. Can't wait for my boys to meet! OH! And Will got his apartment that he's been dying to get. It's right by my school (which I'm starting soon), so that will be convenient. 

Everything is falling into place. Happy Wednesday my friends! xo. 


  1. omgggggg he is so adorable!!! ahh i love kittens!! and i love the name!!!


  2. I am pretty sure the next animal I get will be an Oliver or Ozzie. I love both of those names. So glad your birthday was the bomb dot com. God i love saying that phrase.

  3. DYING. I need a kitten SO bad!!! Love your blog girl!!

  4. Soooooo CUTE!!! & Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    Have a great weekend!

    ♥ Shia