Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Dinner for Two

Will and I always have great date nights; seriously we have had some really memorable ones. We think it's really important in our relationship to spend a fair amount together, and apart. Spending time with friends and family is very important, but you need to make sure you get that time with your significant other. That's why we try to get a few date nights in a week. We don't need to spend a lot of money, but just be with one another.

Last night was probably up there as one of my favorites. Will moved into his place a week ago and is finally getting furniture. I've really helped him in the process, especially the buying and finding of essentials he needs. He got a dining table, and I got a little grill that was so cheap, but worked WONDERFULLY. So we put the little grill together in his backyard and made some delicious hot dogs. I made salad and cut up fruit, and we just spent time together listening to the Beatles in the background. It's so nice having this little space, and no I don't live with him, but it's fun to be there and think of it as my little space too. I helped clean earlier and just spent some time by myself there. So cozy! I just love the area.
The little grill working it's magic :)
Our delicious finished product 
It's just been so great....ahh, memories!! Can't wait to make so many more. Can't believe we've almost been official 6 months, but have dated for 7. It's crazy! Time flies by, yet I feel as though I've known him a lifetime. His birthday is June 23rd and I want to do something really special too; any ideas of what I could do? I've been thinking but I don't know.

Anyway, yesterday I totally bought all the Harry Potter books for my Kindle -- well actually my cousin Alaina and I split them (pricy), but well worth it! I've started the series for the millionth time, but I love having them all with me...always! SO great.
Oh and I know I post a lot of pics of my cat, OKAY...A LOT A LOT, but he's so darn cute I cannot help it. He's already 10 weeks old can you believe it? Because I sure can't. He's really gotten longer. He has to go to the vet Friday to get his shots now that he's big enough :(
So today was unreal weather wise; it totally dropped from 97 degrees, to 60...freezing! Your body adjusts to the heat, then it's like, oh okay, um crap forgot my sweater. I should've known because when Will and I were putting together the grill, it was so windy and so cold. But I went running at Sugar House Park, and then instead of getting something nice and warm, I got:
Couldn't help it! I really couldn't. I'm so obsessed with frozen yogurt, and especially TCBY. It's right in the heart of Sugar House (have I mentioned how much I love this area?) and so many choices, not that other places don't...but still. So bright. So happy. I love it. And even though it was a cold treat on a cold day - I was in heaven!

I truly think that Pinterest rubbed off on me, not only in recipes and cooking/baking, but with fashion, makeup, home decor, and CRAFTS! I was always so creative...but a whole new level. This isn't exactly creative, but it was cute!
Anyway, cousin night...seeing Snow White again ha! But she had two free tickets, and a large popcorn so why not? Have a great evening everyone. 

PS: I love how it's barely 6 pm and the crickets are out chirping. Ohh how I love summer; too bad I start full-time school next week & my pool opens the same day!




  2. Hooray for happy memories and sweet date nights! This post made me smile. ;) Hope your entire weekend was beautiful!!