Saturday, June 16, 2012

First Week Completed!


That's all I should put in this blog post - but I haven't posted for a week or so, so I should write a little bit more.

This past week was awesome, but also: emotional, tiring, exciting, and a whole lot of new experiences and information overload!!

I'm going to start off by saying that: I LOVE WESTMINSTER COLLEGE.

Seriously. I do. This college is so beautiful, awesome, and everyone is so friendly. I loved the University of Utah and I'll be a Utah Ute till I die, but I think Westminster is the perfect place for me to complete Graduate School. It's so serene and I can just go sit at a table in the courtyard with a cute little umbrella, looking at the flowers hanging, and listen to the fountains/the bells of the main building. It's been so nice to have "ME" time. But I have made friends, and that's always great especially in a program like this. There are only 22 of us in the Montessori Program, but it's amazing. I'm going to go on and on about the Montessori' Method in another post because it truly is where I belong and how I want to teach, but for now, I'll just talk about the week. I've already learned so much in such a small amount of time! It's amazing really and so interesting. The one hard, HARD, adjustment for me to get used to is the 8 hours everyday starting at 8 am. We sit a lot. Yes, we have our breaks, but it's not enough. I feel so unsettled sitting in a chair most of the day. I'm used to moving around a lot more! But the Montessori Program is 8 weeks then I start working in the school for my practicums, so that will be good. So...7 more weeks ;)

I have been going through a personal ordeal that I didn't feel like Blogger was the right place to express. I still don't. It's personal and some things you shouldn't have to share. But after a 2 year battle with something, it's finally over. It didn't go EXACTLY how I wanted, but it's over. And honestly, I felt like the weight of the world is now off my shoulders. That's what I was dealing with last week as well. You don't want to have to deal with drama on your first week of Grad School; you just don't. But I'm thankful for those who were always by my side. Thank you.

Moving on, today is my 6th Month Anniversary with Will :) It's been such a wonderful adventure. Sure you have your ups and downs, but that's what makes you stronger as a couple. I am so excited for the future, wherever that may take us. But for now, I'm enjoying NOW. We are going to Snowbird today with some friends for Brewfest which will be really fun. I'm so excited because two of my really good friends who moved away, are back in town and will both be there! So it will be a nice little reunion. Then Will and I decided instead of a fancy restaurant, we wanted to go get a big juicy burger from Lucky 13 later, and then the Bees Baseball Game! The most exciting thing? Tonight there will be fireworks after the game. A perfect way to end the night :)

Here are Instagram Pics to catch it all up:
One day last week, I went on a hike to the waterfall all by myself! I wanted to enjoy my last week of freedom!
The greatest nachos ever: Porcupine. Had a girl's night. Don't you love those?
Lagoon Amusement Park day with my cousin Alaina! It was her work-day and she was a sweetie and asked me :) We had a great time. Roller coasters are my favorite! 
I was walking to Will's after school one day, and this house had the most amazing flowers. I felt like it was the Secret Garden, yet not hidden from the world. So beautiful. 
The best lecture I've received thus far in college :) Amazing. 
Yesterday was free Root Beer float day at, have I mentioned yet how much I love Westminster? 
Happy 6th Month Anniversary Love!
It's been an amazing journey. 
That's all for now, going to go enjoy my Saturday by going for a morning run before the day really begins. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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  1. Love the amusement park pics!! And you and your honey are JUST adorable. :) Looks like a very wonderful summer so far.