Sunday, July 15, 2012


Goodness gracious!! I've been missing for practically a month. But I have a good excuse, I do! School. Seriously. Wow. It's taken up any free time I might have. I wish I could sit here and blog as much as I'd like...but unfortunately, I can't do that. Like I mentioned, my free time is non-existant. For example, I started the Harry Potter series again. Before school started, I finished the first book in a few days. I started the second book right when school started...where am I now...? Oh the third chapter. YEA. That is pathetic. I started it a month ago. And mind you, I read books extremely quickly. Well, apparently not anymore. I have been trying to manage everything, but it's still hard to balance. I'm trying though. I only have 3 more weeks left of summer school though, then I start teaching at a Montessori! I cannot wait.

On this subject, I must say I love everything about school. This Montessori program is beyond amazing and I'm so fortunate to have met such great girls in my classes, and to have the faculty I do. My professors are from all over the United States. They are so educated and have been teaching the Montessori Method for years upon years. The main director of the program actually took lessons back in the day from one of Maria Montessori's pupils. That's first generation if you haven't realized it yet. This method is where I belong. I love that it focuses on the whole child and the presentations are amazing. I wish I could explain it more, but it's kind of difficult to. It would take a lot longer than one post.

Today is my mom's birthday, and if I haven't already mentioned, she's my hero and my best friend. I know it's hard on her having it be the second birthday without Greg, but I've tried to make it special for her! We went to Market Street Grill for brunch (her favorite) and we were going to go to a movie, but we loved relaxing. Here are some pics from today (with Ollie of course - growing so fast):
 Such a great day, and my french toast was absolutely delicious as always. But our day took a weird turn. We saw a skunk in our backyard the other day and thought it was peculiar, but not that peculiar because we live in the mountains and see EVERYTHING. But then after watching TV, we came upstairs and smelled...yea, skunk smell. Well it was SO strong and we realized it got in our garage (we leave back door open). Well it definitely got it. And it definitely sprayed our cat Lucky in the face :( I had to Google and search what to do. We wiped his face and used a little mixture. He seems to be fine, but it REAKS in there and I don't know how to get rid of the smell. You think it's bad when you smell it in the car driving down the road, well lets just say I've never smelled anything in my life as bad as this. It even smells like chemicals. I can see why it's such a protective mechanism they use against predators.

Anyways, besides that it's been a great day. As always to catch up, I can post Instagram pictures. It's the quickest way to explain...well everything. And there are a lot.
My pool!
Brewfest, old friends, 6 month anniversary 
Summer Solstice 2012
Pink Cupcake/Ice-Cream truck :)
Will's 24th Birthday Luau Party!! Yes, I planned it, and yes, it was awesome!
Blue Plate's French Toast (Sorry Market beat you)
Steph's wedding and chocolate fountain inside joke ;) mmm!
My Monday nights - Bachelorette 
My 4th of July cake I make every single year!
Camping with Will
He loves arcades...
15 Weeks
Finally a break from the 100 degree weather...rainy days! 
Last night went to Deer Valley outdoor concert of the Music of Michael Jackson. SO COOL!
Well how was that for summing up a month in pics? Not too shabby eh? It's weird that tomorrow already is my 7 month anniversary with Will, and last time I posted it was our 6 month. Shows you how time flies.

I hope you all haven't forgotten me! So share love and tell me what you all have been doing this summer, because my summer truly does consist of school, except for these exceptions (pics).