Monday, September 3, 2012

Goodbye Lucky Boy

Losing a pet is never easy...I've gone through it a few times now; losing Lucky was really hard.

I've had this cat since he and his brother (Buddy) were little furballs. Basically I've had him for 15 years...longest cat so far.

He's been getting old, there's no denying that...but he wasn't eating anymore (food is his favorite thing), wasn't drinking water, and this Friday my mom called me crying saying that he was lying on the grass, not responding and cold. He was still alive though.

She rushed him to the animal hospital and I met her there. My older bro and the fam were in town this weekend, so they met us there.

Lucky's temperature had dropped and they were trying to warm him up, but it wasn't working. The vet told us that he had a huge tumor on his spline. Hearing this dropped my heart completely. Lucky's brother, Buddy, we had to put to sleep two years ago because he had a rare cancer in his jaw. He was my buddy, my cat, and I couldn't be there when they put him to sleep. I was afraid we were repeating the past.

Why couldn't a pet just die because they were old...why did it have to be cancer...again? Just made me sick. She said he might've been diabetic too, so even if he made it through surgery, we would have to give him shots daily. We went back to look at him, and before that I was thinking "no way are we putting him to sleep...he'll make it," but when I saw him wrapped up in the blankets, I knew...he was almost gone. It would be cruel to make him go through that long painful process, so we decided, as a family, to end his suffering.

I'll say this, I don't know if I can ever be in the room again when they put one of my animals to sleep. It was so hard; still hurts my heart just writing about it.

They had a beautiful poem where animals go when they die "Over the Rainbow Bridge," and all I could think about was that Lucky would soon be sitting on Greg's lap and be reunited with his brother.

He passed away quickly and quietly, but it wrenched my heart. I realized this cat helped me so much when Greg passed away a year ago. He comforted me, made me smile, just helped me grieve the way I needed to. Losing him, yea, it was hard.
I made that Instagram collage in honor of my Luckster. I'll miss him so much, but even though this process was hard, it's worth having animals in our life. They become such a big part of the family and they truly do bring happiness with their little personalities.

I was fortunate to have Lucky in my life for 15 years, and I'll always remember his comfort and love.

Goodbye Lucky Boy.