Bucket List

This is my Bucket List. 2010
(I'll be adding on more & more / crossing off when I accomplish.)

  1. Witness a miracle.
  2. Fall in love for the first time.
  3. Coping with stress better.
  4. Get married.
  5. Become a teacher.
  6. Write a book.
  7. Have book published.
  8. Move out of Utah.
  9. Have children.
  10. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  11. Buy a dog.
  12. Be a maid-of-honor.
  13. Get through the hardest barrier I have been faced with.
  14. See my mother happy again.
  15. Go back to the UK.
  16. Travel to all 50 states.
  17. Get my master's degree.
  18. Take a writing class.
  19. Talk to other authors.
  20. Watch a sunrise & sunset all in one day.
  21. Change someone's life for the better.
  22. Make a new, life-long friend.
  23. Graduate college.
  24. Get my own place -- the one I picture in my head. (dream house.)
  25. Help a stranger.
  26. Do community service because I want to; not because I have to.
  27. Attempt to do something daring, out of my typical element.
  28. Live a long healthy life.
  29. Get over my fears that are ridiculous.
  30. Witness something truly majestic.
  31. Go to a Red Sox game.
  32. Take Greg's advice: Don't Settle
  33. Meet him.
  34. Help a friend.
In memory of my step-father Greg. May his memory be eternal.